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Scrape websites and extract data into CSV files ready to be imported anywhere
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9 September 2012

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Many people, especially web authors and other affiliate users need to gather data from various websites to be imported in their office tools or their personal websites. Apart from this, many web administrators and other users use automated collection of data from various web pages to give continuous real time updates on their websites or for doing mass mailings. But in order to carry out these functions properly, they have to be performed quickly and in a precise manner. This calls for the need of a specialized program which enhances the capabilities of the user in doing web scraping, web crawling and at the same time, maintaining flexibility and speed of operations. A1 Website Scraper v.3.2.1 is very handy software that provides a solution in this regard.

A1 Website Scraper by MicroSys is a shareware programme primarily for extracting data from various web pages and exports this data to web services or various office tools in the CSV format. This application is meant for use by users with average to advanced computing skills. The data can be quite easily collected and mixed to provide inputs for various data analysis tools, algorithms or web services of your own. It also features URL filter by which user can specify the specific URLs from which the data has to be scraped. Also, there may be many e-products which you perhaps would like to store in your inventory. You can easily accomplish that by assimilating the links to these products on your own website. It also supports a flexible web crawling feature where you can set filters for URLs to be used for web crawling and various other options related to this feature. You can even set the speed of crawling to maintain a balance between your purpose and server load.

Overall, A1 Website Scraper v.3.2.1 is a feature rich, quick and flexible application for web crawling and web scraping. Hence, it receives a score of four-and-a-half rating points on the scale of five.

Publisher's description

Scrape websites and extract data into customizable CSV files ready to be imported anywhere like web databases and office tools. Also great for grabbing inventory lists you want to link or sell (e.g. if you are an affiliate). Mix and mash scraped website data to create new mashup website services such as weather, travel and hotel portals. The crawler engine is highly configurable with regards to which URLs to scrape data from. You can also control the speed of crawling to accomodate your needs versus server load.
A1 Website Scraper
A1 Website Scraper
Version 4.0.9
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